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Fiat Punto gets Euro NCAP’s first ever zero-star rating

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Fiat Punto has received Euro NCAP’s first zero-star score, sparking concern at the crash-testing organisation, as have the three-star ratings of several other cars. In the latest batch of tests, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Dacia Duster, DS 3, Ford C-Max, Ford Grand C-Max, Kia Stonic, MG ZS, Toyota Aygo and Vauxhall Viva all achieved three-star ratings in their standard forms.

Best Cars, Trucks, and SUVs We Drove in 2017

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - We’ve traveled the world and tested well over 220 cars to bring you the very best automotive reviews around. In 2017, we were blessed to have the best access to cars all over the price spectrum, from one of the smallest cars offered today to some of the quickest and luxurious, too.

Potent Colorado SportsCat Marks A New Beginning For Holden Special Vehicles

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Late last week, General Motors and Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) revealed that the Camaro and Silverado will be sold in Australia from 2018. Alongside this announcement, HSV previewed its potent Colorado SportsCat.

Why General Motors Is Beating Ford in China

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors said that its sales in China increased 12. 5% in November from a year ago, on a huge year-over-year jump in sales of SUVs driven by strong local demand for several all-new GM models. Year to date, GM's sales in China are up 3.

Black Book: Vehicle Values Down in November

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - According to Black Book data, the average price of a used vehicle for model years 2012-16 depreciated in value by -2.2%. Cars overall dropped -2.6% and trucks decreased -1.8% in value during November. All vehicles are averaging a 12-month depreciation of -13.2%. Small pickups were the only vehicle category to increase in value during November, increasing in value by +0.4%. Vehicles in the small pickup category include the Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Nissan Frontier and the Honda Ridgeline. Small pickups ended the month with an average segment price of $21,454, a -6.8% drop.

How Uber Is Driving Itself Into the Ground

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Uber is the biggest unicorn on the private market right now, and it's had an incredibly rough 2017, replete with scandals and money trouble. In this clip from Industry Focus: Tech, market analysts Dylan Lewis and Evan Niu take a deep dive into the significant business model problems that Uber is facing; why even if the company goes through with an IPO, investors might want to stay away from this one; how Lyft fits into the picture for Uber and the ridesharing market; and one potential spot of hope on the horizon for both Uber and Lyft. A full transcript follows the video.