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1967 Pontiac GTO: Testing Two Tigers

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The dates on these negatives is October 1966, which means Motor Trend staffer Steve Kelly submitted his film to the Petersen Publishing photo lab just a few weeks after the 1967 GTOs went on sale. The cars he photographed at Motor City Dragway had already received the Bobcat treatment courtesy of Performance Center Director Milt Schornack at famed Royal Pontiac.

EV Strategy is Cadillac’s Last Chance, Says GM President

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac was named the lead electric vehicle brand of General Motors in an announcement last week. The pivot toward electrification is surprising, but based on comments made recently by one of GM’s top executives, it seems going electric may be the brand’s last remaining hope.

Think GM Isn’t Serious About EVs? Think Again. It is.

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Ever since the crushing of the EV1 by General Motors more than a decade ago, people have remained suspicious of General Motors and its commitment toward electric cars. Even with its Volt range-extended electric car and more recently, its Bolt EV, some within the electric car world have remained convinced GM is making electric cars under duress — and is still trying to do everything it can to kill them.

Magna CEO: Automakers Are Tremendously Overspending on Electric Cars, Autonomous Tech

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Automakers are spending more on electric cars and autonomous-driving tech to satisfy stricter emissions standards, Wall Street, and anticipated future consumer preferences. But Magna International, one of the world's largest automotive parts suppliers, wants them to start pinching pennies, reports Reuters.