June 2, 2014

May 27, 2014

  • from Auto123

    GM's new heavy-duty line of pickups is a significant update over its predecessor. While most changes were for the better, there are still some lingering issues that carry over from the previous generation. Photo: Mark Stevenson 10. The Good: They are “library quiet” Back in the day of barebones work trucks, it was hard to escape the loud diesel under the hood, noisy suspension, and every other auditory nightmare. However, with the new HD...

May 22, 2014

May 21, 2014

  • from Auto123

    Waterton Lakes National Park, AB -- The heavy-duty pickups from General Motors are just the ticket for those who use their pickups to work, providing towing and payload capability on par with the F-250/350 and RAM 2500/3500. However, the Chevrolet Silverado also gives those blue-collar working folk a nice place to relax between job sites. To find out everything there is to know about General Motors' updated 2500 and 3500 series Silverado, they sent us to Alberta's Waterton Lakes...

May 20, 2014

May 19, 2014

May 15, 2014

May 8, 2014

April 18, 2014

April 14, 2014

  • from Auto123

    Chef Andrew Zimmern has a great personal rule: he must try something twice. Much like judging a book by its cover, making up one's mind after one single sampling or based on a first impression is the best way to potentially miss out on some great life experiences. With the hype surrounding the arrival of the new GM pickups, I knew I needed to sample the offerings, and quickly. Sadly, my first encounter with the twin GMC Sierra left me scratching my head, wondering if I had missed something....

April 9, 2014

  • from Auto123

    Kelley Blue Book has announced the winners of its 2014 Brand Image Awards, and for the second year in a row, Honda is the best overall brand. Factors that helped determine the scores include affordability, "cool" factor, driving comfort, driving performance, durability/reliability, exterior styling, fuel efficiency, interior layout, prestige/sophistication, reputation, ruggedness, and safety. 2014 Brand Image Award Winners: Non-Luxury Brands Best overall brand: Honda Most trusted...

April 8, 2014

April 7, 2014

  • from Auto123

    General Motors is recalling 51,115 Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks from the 2014-2015 model years to address a powertrain issue. On certain vehicles equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, transmission cooler lines may not have been securely seated in their fittings at time of assembly. This could result in a transmission fluid leak in proximity to hot surfaces which could increase the risk of a fire. Dealers will inspect the connections and repair them as necessary. Affected models...
  • from Auto123

    As an avid reader of all things car on Auto123.com (we hope, and thank you if you are), you'll have noticed the large number of stories and reviews related to the compact CUV segment. The volume of noise on the subject inevitably leads to more interest and more cars for us to review. The 2014 Terrain is not new and as a GMC product, certainly not high-end. However, the SLT version -- one trim below the top-line Denali sub-brand in GM's professional grade line of trucks -- has much to offer...
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