April 7, 2014

  • from Auto123

    General Motors is recalling 51,115 Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks from the 2014-2015 model years to address a powertrain issue. On certain vehicles equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, transmission cooler lines may not have been securely seated in their fittings at time of assembly. This could result in a transmission fluid leak in proximity to hot surfaces which could increase the risk of a fire. Dealers will inspect the connections and repair them as necessary. Affected models...
  • from Auto123

    As an avid reader of all things car on Auto123.com (we hope, and thank you if you are), you'll have noticed the large number of stories and reviews related to the compact CUV segment. The volume of noise on the subject inevitably leads to more interest and more cars for us to review. The 2014 Terrain is not new and as a GMC product, certainly not high-end. However, the SLT version -- one trim below the top-line Denali sub-brand in GM's professional grade line of trucks -- has much to offer...

April 2, 2014

  • from Auto123

    While moving out to live on your own is certainly a welcomed right of passage for almost everyone at the end of their teens, there's something heartwarming about heading back to the homestead for a long weekend with family. Sure, you'll probably have your mother constantly reminding you to put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher and your father asking you for help with some of the heavy-lifting chores he's been saving for your return, but there is something familiar about being home, and for...

March 18, 2014

  • from Auto123

    Things are spiralling down for General Motors following a claim that 303 deaths are possibly related to now-recalled GM vehicles where the airbags did not deploy, and another 12 casualties resulting from an ignition switch failure. The automaker today announced three new recalls affecting more than 1.5 million vehicles in North America. These aim to address various issues related to airbags, seat belts, and brakes. “Today's announcement underscores the focus we're putting on the safety...

March 14, 2014

March 13, 2014

  • from Auto123

    The completely redesigned 2015 GMC Yukon XL made its Canadian debut yesterday at the 2014 Calgary Auto Show. More powerful and more refined than the outgoing model, the 2015 GMC Yukon XL features new fold-flat rear seats and a quieter interior. The company also promises best-in-class fuel economy. Under the hood of the 2015 GMC Yukon XL (and the regular Yukon) is a standard 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine, while upscale Denali models get a 6.2L EcoTec3 V8. These new engines debuted a few months ago in...
  • from Auto123

    Lake Tahoe, CA -- As I hopped from the Tahoe/Suburban's upscale sibling, the 2015 GMC Yukon XL Denali, under the warm Californian sun I couldn't help but take a moment and pause to take in the absolute size of the vehicle I was about to pilot. These vehicles truly are massive, but I love them. Why? Because they are proud to be so, and General Motors has built a history and longevity with their Tahoe and Suburban vehicles by being just that; big people carriers that offer comfortable, spacious...

March 11, 2014

  • from Auto123

    Napa Valley, CA -- As humans, we have an innate need to let others know our status in life. We may not like to admit it, but our materialistic nature has lead to us announcing said status via the objects we own, be it clothing, a house or a vehicle. When a vehicle is “used” as this status symbol, there are a few manufacturers that jump to mind immediately: Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche. GMC is not always at the top of the list. It should be. Enter the 2015 GMC Yukon XL...

March 10, 2014

  • from Auto123

    When Volkswagen launched the Amarok in 2009, Canada and the U.S. were both overlooked. Now, according to sources quoted by Autoblog, the German automaker is starting to revise its position. Michael Horn, CEO of Volkswagen of North America, has confirmed that a new pickup truck is on the table. However, Heinz-Jakob Neußer, who's in charge or powertrain development, said the Amarok is too small for American drivers. So, either Volkswagen beefs up the Amarok to offer a real alternative...

March 3, 2014

February 28, 2014

  • from Auto123

    Pros: The Honda Ridgeline is unique in its methods of construction, which gives it exceptional torsional rigidity that provides an excellent platform for light and medium duty off-road work. Yet it retains all the comforts and amenities of a car. Cons: Original styling can only be repackaged so many times before it becomes boring, so if you want fresh, Honda has promised a new Ridgeline within two years. There are some problems using the in-bed storage compartment in winter due to the cover...

February 25, 2014

  • GM is seeking federal regulators' permission to not recall more than 200,000 new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups because of an electronic defect that can be triggered by using the steering wheel controls.
  • from Autocar

    CEO Duncan Aldred leaves Vauxhall in a far better place than he found it, and is looking forward to new challenges at Buick and GMC A few of us gathered in a central London eatery last night to bid farewell to Duncan Aldred, departing CEO of Vauxhall, generally admired among the hackery for his candour, humility and straight answers to questions.  Though Aldred’s skill as a businessman is not our primary concern he obviously has it in spades: he took the top job at Vauxhall job in 2010...
  • from Autocar

    New Vauxhall Corsa, Astra and Agila replacement to spur sales charge Vauxhall’s new car launches over the next two years will allow it to challenge at the forefront of British car sales, according to outgoing boss Duncan Aldred.The new Vauxhall Corsa is expected to be unveiled later this year, followed by a replacement for the Vauxhall Agila city car in early 2015 and a new Vauxhall Astra in late 2015. A Chevrolet Spark-based budget car - a rival to the Dacia Sandero - is also expected to be...

February 19, 2014

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