February 24, 2015

  • New information has surfaced regarding the replacement for the Cadillac SRX. Following the American automaker’s new nomenclature, the SRX replacement will sport the XT5 nameplate and is expected to arrive as a 2017 model. According to Motor Trend, the XT5 will be available with two wheelbases, the shorter of which is internally called C1UL while the stretched... The post Cadillac XT5 May Offer Two Wheelbases appeared first on AutoGuide.com News.

February 22, 2015

February 19, 2015

February 18, 2015

January 13, 2015

November 26, 2014

November 20, 2014

November 11, 2014

  • from Forbes

    Cadillac’s success in transforming its product from old and stodgy to cutting-edge and bold is nothing short of remarkable. It’s position in the market has improved, and the automaker’s new boss, Johan de Nysschen, has stated unapologetically he’s gunning for the same high-end clientele currently shopping German luxury makes. His mission will depend on cars like the entry-level ATS, the newly positioned CTS, the more upscale XTS, the technically advanced ELR, and...

October 30, 2014

  • Review: 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe The Cadillac ATS Coupe is a good handling, well appointed sporting machine... that looks a lot like its four-door sibling. After a week-long test run with Caddy's newest deuce, we hash out what its like to live with, and ask ourselves if this ATS feels special enough to run with the mainline European competition. How not to give away a Chevy Colorado Chevy regional manager Rikk Wilde has seemed to let the big stage get the better of...
  • Cadillac has become a very, very different company since the dawn of the new millenium. Its turn-of-the-century lineup, consisting of staid offerings like the Seville, DeVille and Eldorado, represented the Old Cadillac. These cars were plagued with Old GM quality issues and catered to a more elderly audience. Since the company's Art and Science design language arrived, though, we've seen Cadillac flesh out its lineup in a big way, introducing notable and (so far) enduring products, like the the...
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