November 28, 2014

November 27, 2014

November 26, 2014

  • The 2015 Detroit Auto Show is shaping up to be a big one for Lexus, with Group Vice President Jeff Bracken confirming to Ward's Auto that the Japanese luxury marque will have at least one, and possibly two, all-new-model introductions. Ward's seems to think that one of those vehicles will be the new RX crossover, one of the brand's most popular (and oldest) offerings. The complete and utter lack of spy photos of the new RX doesn't necessarily support Ward's argument, although if the new CUV...
  • from Forbes

    The U.S. based auto maker has been working hard to revitalize its premium car brand Cadillac. Reviving sales of Cadillac can help GM reach a pre-tax margin of 10%, nearly 2 percentage points higher than its current pre-tax margin of just under 8%. For a while, it looked like GM might achieve its targets. However, Cadillac’s sales growth ran out of momentum towards the end of 2013. In the first ten months of 2014, Cadillac sales fell by more than 9.5% in the U.S. Even though Cadillac has...
  • As the calendar shifts, so do Alfa Romeo's plans. At the LA Auto Show, Harald Wester, head of Alfa Romeo, said the brand would unveil its second US model - after the 4C - next June, but he wouldn't identify the type of car. A report in Automotive News Europe, quoting sources, says that it will be a midsize sedan in the mold of the erstwhile 159 (pictured) that was supposed to become the Giulia but now has a new brief and perhaps a new name. "Giulia" should be familiar because we've been...

November 25, 2014

  • U.S. sales of small/midsize/non-full-size pickup trucks jumped 19.4% in October 2014, a gain of 3672 units compared with October 2013. Sales of the Toyota Tacoma were up 5%. Nissan Frontier sales shot up 25%. Not surprisingly, the slowly disappearing Honda Ridgeline was down 35%. GM’s new pickup trucks contributed an extra 2158 sales. Even without […] The post Small/Midsize Truck Sales Up 19% In October 2014 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

November 22, 2014

  • Despite its position as a communist state, the People's Republic of China has taken a decidedly laissez-faire attitude towards copyright infringement. It's why, as evidenced in an old episode of Top Gear, you can buy a fake Omega, wear fake Ray-Bans, talk on a fake iPhone and drink at a fake Starbucks. It's also why Chinese automakers so shamelessly rip off the designs of western automobiles (exhibits A, B, C, D and E). Land Rover is the latest automaker to take exception to this practice. The...

November 21, 2014

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