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A-Pillars in 2020 Corvette C8 Hold 2.25 Times Its Weight

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The all-new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette has already garnered attention for being a mid-sized sports car. Now, it was revealed that its high-strength A-pillars are able to hold 2.25 times the car’s weight.

UAW-GM deal calls for raises, $11K ratification bonus, Lordstown closure, pathway for temps

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Temporary workers, who have been paid $15-19 an hour with inferior benefits to permanent autoworkers, get a path to a permanent role starting next year.       

What A Car Should Be: 1974 Saab full line brochure

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The long-serving 96 two-door sedan and 95 two-door wagon, in their final years powered by a Ford of Germany-sourced V-4 engine, were retired from our market after the 1973 model year, leaving the stylish, fiberglass-bodied Sonett III two-seat sports car and the innovative Sixten Sason-designed 99, in compact two- and four-door sedan forms (the Björn Envall-designed “WagonBack” -aka Combi Coupe- three-door hatch variant wouldn’t arrive until later in the year). That 99 remained powered by a Bosch fuel-injected version of the Triumph-derived SOHC slant-four engine.1974 would

Lyft has made airport pickups quicker and less confusing by taking a page from the taxi playbook

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Lyft's system for speeding up airport pickups is expanding to two new cities across the United States. Instead of finding a specific driver, passengers will get a PIN in the app, and then join a line with other passengers.

UAW National Council Vote Determines if Picketing Ends at GM

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The United Workers GM National Council will decide today to pull the pickets from around the GM plants across the United States in the wake of a tentative agreement between negotiators for the company and the union or leave them in place until an agreement is ratified.