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GM Reveals Refreshed 2020 GMC Acadia Will Be Available in Mexico

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The GMC Acadia, sporting a refreshed design and tech upgrades for the 2020 model year, will be making its way south of the US border to dealerships in Mexico starting next month. Canadian and US dealerships have already welcomed the CUV into their inventories.

GM, UAW tentative deal will close three plants and senior employees receive bonus

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - CNBC's Jane Wells reports on the details of a proposed General Motors-United Autoworkers deal. It would allow senior GM employees to recieved an $11,000 ramification bonus and offer a quicker path to permanent status for temporary workers.

UAW Workers Get $11,000 Signing Bonus in Tentative GM Contract

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The UAW released highlights of its tentative agreement with General Motors, including an $11,000 signing bonus, and a shorter path of four rather than eight years for new employees to the top wage.

UAW deal with GM to end strike includes pay raises, but three plants would close

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The United Auto Workers union wrung higher pay and better coverage for temporary workers from General Motors Co as part of its tentative deal to end a month-long U.

Samuel Adams releasing beer so strong that it's illegal in 15 states — but not Michigan

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Samuel Adams is releasing a beer so strong that it is illegal in 15 states. Luckily, Ohio is not one of them.