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Chevy store fined $40,000 for selling recalled new vehicles without repairs

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Federal regulators fined a suburban Phoenix Chevrolet dealership $40,000 for selling recalled new vehicles without the proper repairs. Sands Chevrolet of Surprise, Ariz., agreed to pay the civil penalty as part of a settlement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after a two-year investigation, the agency said in a report posted on its website. Federal law prohibits dealers from selling new vehicles subject to open recalls without fixing them first.

BMW is launching special 30th anniversary edition of the legendary M3

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The M3 has turned 30 and to celebrate the milestone BMW has presented the 30 Jahre Edition based on the current model. The automaker did the same when its M5 turned 30 two years ago.

We want this Buick Regal wagon rumor to be true

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The car we know in the US as the Buick Regal is sold as a Vauxhall/Opel Insignia in Europe, where it's offered in four-door sedan, five-door liftback, and wagon body styles. Call it a case of wanting what we can't have, but we like the last two body styles a lot. Based on a report from a Buick/GMC dealer meeting in Austin, one of them could be coming to the US soon. In addition to the Regal wagon, GM also showed the 2018 Enclave and GMC Terrain to its Buick and GMC dealers.

Inside Uber’s Auto-Lease Machine, Where Almost Anyone Can Get a Car

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In its relentless pursuit for growth, Uber needs new drivers, and many of those drivers need cars. To help them get started, Uber has been offering short-term leases since July through a wholly owned Delaware-based subsidiary called Xchange Leasing, LLC. It partners with auto dealerships, advertises to drivers, manages risk, and even pays repo men to chase down cars whose drivers aren't making their payments.

NHTSA Expands Takata Airbag Inflator Recall in Phases

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - As part of its expansion of the massive Takata airbag inflator recall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently added millions of vehicles to include defective passenger-side airbags. Experts link the crisis to high absolute humidity, which can lead to moisture buildup over time in Takata inflators and cause them to rupture when the airbag deploys.

Cadillac opening NYC digs—just don't try to buy a car

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In a trendy part of Manhattan known more for art galleries than car dealerships, Cadillac is taking the next step in its efforts to revitalize its brand image and reach a new audience. On Wednesday, the automaker will open the doors to its new Cadillac House, a space that's part art gallery, part coffee shop — but no parts dealership. Instead of serving as a hub to sell cars, the ground-floor location in New York City's SoHo neighborhood is meant to introduce the brand to certain affluent shoppers who may not have have previously had an interest in its cars.