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Cadillac’s XTS Has an End Date to Etch on Its Tombstone; Union Anticipates Additional Jobs at Oshawa Assembly

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Following last week’s announcement of a new, less-populous future for General Motors’ once doomed Oshawa Assembly plant, a promise backed up by $170 million in company cash, the union representing workers at the Canadian facility has revealed when its current products will bite the dust.

Done to death: Here are the cars that are dead for 2020

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Death is an inevitability for everything, even for hearses like the newly discontinued Cadillac XTS. Our list of cars that didn’t make the cut after 2019 is filled with sedans like the XTS that were sent to the great car lot in the sky—manager’s special window stickers, of course.

Every Full-Size Luxury Car You Probably Can't Afford Ranked from Worst to Best

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - 14. Cadillac XTSIf your idea of a Cadillac is a plush-riding luxobarge, then the XTS is the Cadillac for you-although you really should hurry, since the XTS is being discontinued soon.

All-New Cadillac CT5 Begins Next Lineup Makeover

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Once complete, the new car portfolio will be more segmented in price and size than presently, with the ATS at the lower end and the CTS, XTS and CT6 each occupying the higher end of the segment.