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Buick Velite 5 EREV To Launch In China Soon, Teaser Image Released

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Buick has now confirmed that its upcoming EREV offering for China will indeed be the Velite. First reported by us some 6 months ago, the Velite is basically a rebadged Chevrolet Volt with some subtle exterior and interior changes.

GM confirms Chevy Volt to be sold as Buick Velite 5 in China

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In the 20 years since General Motors and its Chinese partner SAIC reintroduced the Buick brand to China, more than 8 million Buicks have been sold in what is now the world's largest car market. That's because the last Chinese emperor drove a Buick in the 1930s, and the brand retained a huge cachet through the upheavals that followed.

Buick Launches Chevy Volt-Based Velite 5 in China

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Buick is launching its first electric car in China, the Velite 5 plug-in hybrid, and it shares much with the Chevy Volt. Revealed at the Guangzhou auto show in China in November as the Velite Concept, the Velite 5 seems to be utilizing much of the Chevrolet Volt’s powertrain.

China's Buick Velite 5 Looks Like A Repackaged Chevy Volt After All

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - A few months ago at the Guangzhou Motor Show, Buick unveiled the Velite concept that – contrary to expectations – emerged with completely original sheetmetal. The production version, however, looks poised to repackage the Chevy Volt for the Chinese market.

Eastern Promises: ‘Buick Volt’ Ready to Tempt Chinese Greenies

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Badge-engineered bliss awaits environmentally conscious General Motors buyers in China. Announced today, the Buick Velite 5 range-extended electric vehicle will soon launch in the car-hungry marketplace, but Americans might recognize it as something else.

GM, Buick to launch plug-ins, electric cars in China

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Buick announces it will soon launch the Velite 5 extended-range electric vehicle in China. The Velite 5 has an electric motor drive unit, a 1.5-liter engine and a liquid-cooled lithium battery pack. The electric-only driving range is estimated at more than 100 kilometers or 62 miles. In extended-range mode with the engine, the Velite 5 has a driving range of more than 750 kilometers or 466 miles, GM says. In the United States, GM sells the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with range extension.

Buick Velite Concept: New design philosophy for efficiency

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Presented in China at Auto Guangzhou 2016, the Buick Velite Concept previews styling we can expect to see in the division’s energy-efficient models being crafted under the “Buick Blue” design philosophy.