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New Vauxhall Corsa kickstarts rejuvenation of British brand

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The new Vauxhall Corsa is the first of a raft of Vauxhalls and Opels aimed at rejuvenating the brand with new levels of design integrity and engineering.   Opel-Vauxhall vice president of design Mark Adams told Autocar at the Corsa’s unveiling last week that the new model – built on a PSA Group platform that will give it petrol, diesel and electric variants – was engineered to the most robust standards in the company’s history, despite a massively shortened development programme after PSA bought GM’s European arm in 2017 and started afresh.

Corsa-e electric hatchback is part of Opel's first move independent of GM

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Opel revealed last week that it will sell an all-electric version of the latest Corsa hatchback, its first new car after almost a century as GM's European subsidiary. The new Corsa-e is based on the platform of the DS 3 Crossback, a small car from the French PSA Group, which bought Opel (and its British sibling Vauxhall) in 2017.

New Vauxhall Corsa-e: official pics of electric hatch

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Vauxhall has revealed the new full electric Corsa-e supermini, which will kickstart the brand’s electrification programme when it goes on sale next March with 134bhp and a 211-mile range. The unveiling of official pictures and details of the EV version of the Corsa – which will also be offered with petrol and diesel powertrains – has been brought forward after images of the Opel-branded version leaked online yesterday.

New Vauxhall Corsa leaks online ahead of imminent debut

Posted By GMbeat on Articles -   Vauxhall is getting ready for one of its biggest launches in years, the all-new Corsa, but the unveiling appears to have been spoiled in advance. The fifth-generation Ford Fiesta rival isn't due to be officially revealed for a couple of weeks, but what look to be official press images have reportedly been leaked online by French automotive forum Worldscoop and promptly taken down.