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Off-roading with the 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 (with video)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - A lifted suspension, locking differential and beefy mud-terrain tires allow the Sierra AT4 to handle off-road challenges with ease. It easily powers through mud, over obstacles and up steep grades without breaking a sweat.

The 2018 GMC Terrain drives well but it's way too expensive for what you get

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Despite top-tier bones, the GMC Terrain is let down by a high price point and a lack of standout features. Here's CNBC's review of the GMC Terrain.

2019 GMC Terrain SLT Black Edition Review: All Black Everything in a Compact Crossover Package

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Welcome to Critic's Notebook, a quick car review consisting of impressions and marginalia regarding whatever The Drive writers happen to be driving. Today's edition: the 2019 GMC Terrain AWD SLT Black Edition.

2019 Range Rover Evoque: off-road first drive of new SUV

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Land Rover freely admits that the Range Rover Evoque is used less off-road than anything else in its range, but nonetheless, Land Rover wouldn’t be Land Rover if all its cars didn’t maintain the brand’s 4x4 heritage. For that reason, the firm claims that this second-generation Evoque is more capable than ever on cross-country terrain.

NHTSA to probe Chevrolet Equinox, GMC Terrain crossover SUV windshield wipers

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The NHTSA has opened a new investigation into the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain's wiper blades. The government agency will probe both vehicles after a previous recall in 2016 addressed wiper failure, Reuters reported Tuesday.

2018 GMC Terrain Review: smaller, lighter and still plenty roomy

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - For 2018, GMC planted the Terrain on an all-new, lightweight chassis and shrank it to compact dimensions. In the process, Terrain lost 3 inches of overall length and dropped nearly 350 pounds. In a triumph of packaging, Terrain’s cabin emerged from the makeover without major losses. It easily accommodates for four adults and bristles with casual storage opportunities.