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PSA Group reveals plan to make Vauxhall and Opel profitable by 2020

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The PSA Group has unveiled its plans to make Vauxhall and Opel a success following its acquisition of the firm earlier this year, with highlights including launching all future products on PSA platforms - including an all-new Corsa in 2019 - and aiming to keep all current plants including Ellesmere Port open, although potentially on altered terms. Vauxhall and Opel declared losses of £190 million in the second quarter of 2017; daily losses at the firm under GM ownership were estimated to be in the region of £3m on average.

Opel bets on electric power in bid for profitability

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller announced the German automaker's first business plan under new owners PSA, promising to launch electrified cars including a full-electric Corsa and move to PSA platforms faster than planned.

Opel turnaround plan will seek to end years of losses under GM

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Opel's first business plan under its new French owners, PSA, will set out how the German automaker will reach profitability that has eluded the former GM division since 1999.

PSA Restructuring Plan May Slash Opel-Vauxhall Jobs, Factories

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Up to 6,000 jobs could go and some factories could be closed Thursday when France’s PSA Group announces its restructuring plan for Opel-Vauxhall, which it bought from General Motors Europe earlier this year.

Is GM Trying To Kill The Opel Ampera-E Electric Car in Europe? The Signs Aren’t Good

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Next month, the Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car officially turns one year old. And in its first year of sales, the Bolt EV has gone from a slow-seller to becoming the second-most popular plug-in car in North America, second only to the Tesla Model S.

Opel To Cut Models, Develop EV Tech As Part Of PSA’s Restructure

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - PSA Group’s restructuring plan for Opel includes reducing the number of models the German brand sells in order to focus on high-margin segments, as well as develop EV technologies for its new owners. PSA is also going to bundle Opel’s purchasing activities with its own and launch the German brand in new markets that were previously considered a taboo under GM’s ownership, according to AutoNews. These changes are some of the key points of the general restructuring plan PSA has in store for Opel, a plan that will be presented in a few days by the German brand’s CEO Michael Lohscheller. PSA inte

Citroen seeks boost for C4 Cactus by ditching quirky styling

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Citroen has given its C4 Cactus a more conventional hatchback styling, taking the car once billed as "quirky" away from its crossover roots and aiming it at the likes of the Volkswagen Golf, Renault Megane and Opel Astra.

Ampera-e Gets Massive Price Hike In Europe, Opel Points Finger At GM

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The saga of Opel Ampera-e’s (AKA Euro Chevrolet Bolt EV) unavailability in Europe is approaching its climax, now with a steep price hike by GM, forwarded by Opel to future customers. The troubles with Opel Ampera-e deliveries began after GM sold Opel to PSA Group.

Opel To Announce New Strategic Plan Under PSA Ownership

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Opel and its British subsidiary Vauxhall will finally reveal their plans for the foreseeable future during a special press conference on November 9. Opel/Vauxhall CEO Michael Lohscheller and the Chairman of the Managing Board of PSA Group, Carlos Tavares, will disclose the contests of the strategic plan, aiming to “ensure a sustainable return to profitability.”

Chevy Bolt EV (Ampera E) gets a $5,500 price increase in Europe because of GM, says Opel

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The situation with the Chevy Bolt EV in Europe, where it is sold as the Opel Ampera E, is becoming increasingly complicated ever since GM sold its European operations to the PSA Group. They have limited supply while demand is through the roof. It now looks like they are capitalizing on that since they have announced a price hike for the all-electric vehicle.