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Opel Karl, Adam And Corsa Receive Updated OnStar System

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Opel’s trio of small cars—the Karl, Adam and Corsa—just received an update. Now, owners of the Opel models listed can now benefit from all the benefits found in Opel OnStar with a new navigation system.

Opel Adam Black Jack Does Its Best Bumblebee Impression

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - European customers looking for a fashion-forward supermini have plenty of options at their disposal, from the retro Mini and Fiat 500 to the avant-garde DS 3. General Motors wouldn't want them to forget about the Opel Adam, though.

Opel's relationship with GM grew turbulent through the years

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Originally founded by Adam Opel to build sewing machines, his sons moved the company’s direction towards mass mobility first by manufacturing bicycles and then later building their first car, the Opel Lutzmann, in 1899. Thirty years later the world’s first economic crisis threatened its existence and the heirs agreed to sell the company in 1929 to General Motors. Opel initially blossomed under GM, becoming the first German automaker to build more than 100,0000 vehicles annually. In 1939, at the outbreak of World War 2 in Europe, Opel boasted it was Europe's largest carmaker for the fourth yea

Opel takeover by Peugeot comes after years of crisis

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The imminent takeover of General Motors’ European subsidiary Opel by French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroen comes after almost two decades of crisis for the historic manufacturer. Despite remaining a familiar sight on German roads, the carmaker with the “Blitz” (lightning) logo and its British sibling Vauxhall haven’t booked a profit since 1999. Recent woes cast a pall over the firm’s storied history, dating back to its founding in 1862 by Adam Opel as a sewing-machine and later bicycle manufacturer.

GM’s Opel Business Sale Likely Eliminates Low-Cost Funding Source

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors' sale of Adam Opel AG likely eliminates a source of low-cost funding for the Detroit auto giant’s car-lending business, potentially pressuring profits in lending operations the company has been trying to rebuild since bankruptcy.

Peugeot’s Purchase of GM’s Opel Business Expected to Be Announced Monday

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - A deal for General Motors to sell its Adam Opel AG European business to French car maker Peugeot is expected to be announced Monday, according to two people familiar with the plan. A purchase price is not yet known. The car makers have been in talks for months.

PSA Group Reaches Deal with General Motors to Purchase Opel

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - As expected, a transfer of General Motors’ subsidiary Adam Opel AG to European automaker PSA looks to be a done deal. PSA’s board approved the deal on Friday, with an official announcement planned for early next week.

How Quitting Europe Could Change General Motors

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors about "numerous strategic initiatives," including the potential sale of GM subsidiary Adam Opel AG. Opel is essentially GM's entire European operation, building and selling vehicles under the Opel and Vauxhall brand names throughout Europe. It accounted for nearly all of the roughly 1,162,000 vehicles GM sold in Europe in 2016.

Will GM Sell Opel Adam As Buick DDB In US?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - On November 22nd, General Motors moved to register Buick DDB as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As some readers had observed, DDB likely stands for David Dunbar Buick - the late founder of the Buick brand that was so notoriously instrumental in creating General Motors as an automaker. The question is, then, what’s GM planning to do with the Buick DDB name?