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GM is bringing IBM's Watson to its vehicles

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM recently unveiled a new version of its OnStar system that is powered by IBM’s Watson AI capabilities, according to The Wall Street Journal. The system, called OnStar Go, is designed to learn from users' behavior and then bring users personalized offers from third-party partners.

Can You Get Your Brand Into GM's In-Car Marketing System? (Yes)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In-car advertising is about to take a leap forward as General Motors and IBM roll out a new system to deliver personalized brand messages to drivers inside GM vehicles, using location and vehicle data. The system -- which was announced Wednesday -- combines IBM Watson's cognitive abilities with GM's OnStar service, which provides services like navigation and vehicle maintenance assistance.

IBM Watson coming to GM vehicles to help steer drivers toward specific brands

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - If you're not distracted enough already while driving, there's a new partnership between OnStar and IBM Watson that's sure to add to the sensory overload. Beginning early next year, Watson will be making its way into your vehicle.

In-Car Advertising: GM, IBM Pair Watson and OnStar to Deliver Brand Messages

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - "IBM and GM are changing the whole notion of where valuable, daily rituals occur. The combination of IBM Watson and industry-leading OnStar connectivity will enable vehicles with intelligent branded skills and services to empower drivers and passengers," Paul Papas, Global Leader-IBM iX, said in a statement.

GM to use IBM's Watson AI software for new OnStar Go service

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors and International Business Machines Corp. plan to combine IBM's artificial intelligence software Watson with the automaker's OnStar system in order to market services to drivers in their vehicles.