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Chevrolet Offers Worried Parents Free OnStar Family Link

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - With nearly 362,000 kids in the U. S. turning 16 in August — more than in any other month this year — Chevrolet knows parents with driving-age children need a little added peace of mind.

Opel Karl, Adam And Corsa Receive Updated OnStar System

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Opel’s trio of small cars—the Karl, Adam and Corsa—just received an update. Now, owners of the Opel models listed can now benefit from all the benefits found in Opel OnStar with a new navigation system.

GM, MapAnything to help fleet customers be more efficient via OnStar

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors is leveraging its OnStar connectivity in a new way for fleet customers interested in having their vehicles help them become more efficient while conducting business.

Slithering In: Verizon, Other Non-OEM Brands Use Telematics To Forge Relationships with Car Owners

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Long the province basically of GM's OnStar service and some johnny-come-latelies, on-board connectivity lately has drawn a variety of other players from aftermarket-service outfits to telecommunications companies.

Chevrolet Offers More Options to Add Unlimited Data

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In response to the growing customer demand for more data, Chevrolet and AT&T are making it easier for Chevrolet owners to add an AT&T unlimited data plan to their vehicle. Starting May 12, a Chevrolet owner with an in-vehicle OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and AT&T wireless account can add unlimited data to their vehicle at any of the nearly 5,000 AT&T retail stores in the U. S.

Chevrolet ve aumento en solicitudes en español OnStar

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Se espera que los propietarios de vehículos Chevrolet usen consultores OnStar de habla hispana más en el 2017 que en cualquier año anterior. Por más de 10 años, OnStar ha proporcionado a los propietarios un equipo que habla español dedicado a ayudarles con todo, desde direcciones hasta servicios de emergencia.

Chevrolet Sees Spike in OnStar Spanish Requests

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Chevrolet owners are expected to use OnStar’s Spanish-speaking advisor team more in 2017 than any previous year. OnStar has provided Chevrolet owners with a dedicated Spanish language team for more than 10 years to help with everything from directions to emergency services.

Save Money on Car Insurance with OnStar Smart Driver Program

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - I got to test this concept firsthand last month, when the folks at Buick loaned me a 2017 Buick Encore, an upscale small SUV. The car came with OnStar. What made OnStar in this Buick Encore different was the fact that it had the OnStar Smart Driver program built into it. (OnStar Smart Driver is free to use.) That meant that during the long weekend when I was test driving the car, OnStar Smart Driver was test driving me, if you will, by grading me based on my driving habits.