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Chevy's OnStar Users Consumed 4,220 Terabytes of 4G LTE Data in 2016

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - When you make 4G LTE a standard feature on all new vehicles rolling off the assembly line, connected car activity is bound to increase—and that's exactly what happened with Chevrolet's customers. Thanks to their open-armed embrace of the company's standard in-vehicle Internet access, Chevy vehicles downloaded a staggering 4,220,684 gigabytes (or 4,220 terabytes) of data last year. Owners of the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban SUVs saw the greatest growth in data usage.

Opel expects Crossland X to win more women buyers

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Opel/Vauxhall's decision to use a crossover design for its new Crossland X minivan will help the automaker win more women buyers, executives said, citing the high seating position and the OnStar 24-hour concierge service as some of the features...

GM's Vauxhall Boasts How OnStar Saved Man Who Suffered Epileptic Seizure

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - With all the focus on driver assistance systems as of late, it's easy to forget about the simpler systems that can help keep us safe on the road in case of emergencies.

Cartapping: How Feds Have Spied On Connected Cars For 15 Years

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The rapid spread of connected devices that can listen and locate has been a boon for law enforcement. Any new technology hooked up to the web has the potential to become a surveillance device, even if it's original purpose was benign, as shown in a 2016 Arkansas murder investigation where Amazon was asked to hand over audio from a suspect's Echo.

Blackberry is looking to make a comeback — but not with phones (hint: OnStar)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Blackberry has had quite the fall from grace. What was once the world's biggest smartphone maker is now out of the phone manufacturing business altogether.

With Watson In Tow, GM's OnStar Aims To Prove That Hard Wiring To the Car Remains a Great Thing

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors finally may have figured out the best way to extract value from its OnStar brand: by using it to share all sorts of valuable information being generated by the car as well as its driver. Besides benefiting OnStar subscribers, of course, the new OnStar Go portal with IBM’s Watson will become a promising new opening for advertisers seeking to reach owners of Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC vehicles.

GM’s OnStar Go and IBM’s Watson Team Up to Study Your Habits

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - We’re creatures of habit. It’s not a stretch to imagine someone picking up bagels for the office on Tuesdays, trying a new restaurant on the way home from a long Wednesday, and usually taking the scenic route after dropping the kids off at swimming lessons on the weekend.