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OnStar Vehicle Insights Helps Maximize Fleet Efficiency and Productivity

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors’ new fleet telematics solution, OnStar Vehicle Insights, provides fleet managers and drivers the tools and data they need to make the most of their daily operations. Available starting today, OnStar Vehicle Insights relays real-time vehicle data like vehicle location, driver performance information and more to fleet employees.

True Potential? OnStar Updated With Fleet Management Service

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - With automotive connectivity kicking down the door to new sources of revenue, General Motors’ OnStar has already undergone a few changes since its debut in 1997 model-year Cadillacs.

GM's OnStar facing social media backlash over baby in locked car in Florida

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Frantic mom calls OnStar for help getting baby out, but OnStar tells her account has expired and only way to activate system is inside vehicle.