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Maven City Car Sharing Expands to Serve Western Customers

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Maven, General Motors’ personal mobility brand, is expanding to the western United States, adding the Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco markets. In 10 months, Maven has launched three products and has grown to 13 U.S. cities: Ann Arbor, Michigan; Baltimore; Boston; Chicago; Denver; Detroit; Los Angeles; Jersey City, New Jersey; New York City; Orlando, Florida; San Diego; San Francisco; and Washington, D.C. Pricing in each western market starts at $8 an hour and includes insurance and fuel. There are no monthly membership or application fees.

GM's Maven car-sharing service expands to 13 cities

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It recently added Denver, Orlando, San Diego and Jersey City, NJ. Available models include the Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon; Chevrolet Cruze and Malibu, GMC Acadia and the Cadillac ATS, CT6, CTS and Escalade. Several vehicles will be equipped with either a bike or ski rack.       

Cadillacs and Chevy Volts join car-sharing options as GM’s Maven launches in Denver

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - As Lindsey Whiddon prepped for this week’s launch of General Motors new car-sharing service Maven, she plunged into city life to study traffic flow and talk to residents about how they would use a car-sharing service.

Uber, Lyft, Zipcar Offer Free Or Discounted Rides To Polls On Election Day

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Election Day is nearly here, and millions of Americans will head to their respective polling places on Tuesday. You might be able to drive, walk, bike, or jetpack to your voting site, but for those who need a ride (or just a car), a handful of companies are offering free or discounted options. Lyft, Uber, Zipcar, and Maven have unveiled a variety of discounts and promotions aimed at enabling voters to get to the polls on Tuesday.

Is General Motors Looking To Expand "Maven" To China?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Recently, General Motors invested in a Chinese car-sharing technology company called Yi Wei Zing to gain insights on specific car sharing needs of the Chinese market. Earlier this year, the company had launched its car-sharing program termed Maven in the U.S., which has now expanded to nine cities in the country. Reports also suggest that the Indian cab hailing company Ola is in talks with General Motors to raise funds from the later. General Motors already has a 9% stake in ride sharing service Lyft. The rapid expansion of Maven, the recent investment in China and the possibility of an inves

Uber drivers in San Francisco can rent cars from Maven in test program

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM's Maven car sharing service partnered with Uber. Uber drivers can now rent GM cars for $179 a week in San Francisco in a 90-day pilot test. Maven also has a similar program with Lyft drivers.

Is General Motors' New Deal With Uber a Stab in Lyft's Back?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In a new pilot program, GM's Maven unit will lease vehicles to Uber drivers in San Francisco at a discounted weekly rate. Wait a minute -- doesn't GM own a chunk of Uber's arch-rival Lyft? GM owns about 9% of Lyft, Uber's principal ride-hailing rival in the United States. GM invested $500 million in Lyft in January, GM's president sits on Lyft's board, and GM and Lyft are working on a series of programs together.