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Uber's biggest potential competitor is over 100 years old

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - On a fourth-quarter and full-year 2015 earnings conference call with analysts on Wednesday, before she uttered a single word about a car or a truck, General Motors CEO Mary Barra talked about leading "the transformation of personal mobility. "GM was founded in 1908, at a time when over 24 million horses and mules were still owned in the US.

GM Creates Self-Driving Car Team

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors is creating a team of engineers and executives focused only on self-driving cars and other advanced tech. The automaker says the team will help accelerate the company’s technical capabilities and create the future direction of GM vehicle programs, according to an internal corporate announcement. The team will be solely responsible for all critical technologies in the car including electrical design, controls and software, and safety integration, according to GM.

Car Sharing, Iceman Revived, Streetview Climbs Mountains

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors is first off the blocks with a car-sharing venture called Maven. Users in test areas of Ann Arbor, Mich., Chicago and New York can reserve, unlock and start vehicles all with their smartphones. Customers’ music and other preferences will travel with them, so that people feel that it’s really their car.

GM Goes After Car Sharing Market with Maven

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM is going full-force into the car-sharing market with its newly launched brand, Maven. The new brand combines all of GM’s car sharing programs under a single name. At the heart of the Maven brand is car-sharing, which GM says that more than 25 million people will be using in some form or another by 2020.

GM gets serious about car-sharing with new 'Maven' service

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Move over, Zipcar. General Motors just announced the launch of Maven, a new car-sharing service meant to ease personal transport woes. Public transit is great (when it works anyway), but some situations just call for cars and GM's eager to try filling in gaps its competitors have left wide open. This isn't the first time GM has experimented with car-sharing — it launched a similar service called Let's Drive NYC for tenants of one apartment building last October. With Maven's launch, GM is no longer a company that looks at cars purely as products; they're a service now, too.