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GM car-sharing unit Maven grows in Ann Arbor, Chicago

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors' new car-sharing service Maven is expanding, adding vehicles and users in Ann Arbor and Chicago, as the Detroit automaker continues to develop a business catered to people who may not own a car. Service is expected to add other U.S. metro areas this year.       

VW Seeks New Partnerships, But Not with Google or Apple

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - As automakers start offering ride sharing services and more ways for consumers to connect to their vehicles, Volkswagen now wants a piece of the pie. According to a new report, VW is seeking partners to help expand its reach, but isn’t currently talking to Apple or Google.

Everyone is making the same mistake about the future of transportation

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The way we get around is constantly transforming. Uber is worth potentially billions, GM is setting up a separate business unit, Maven, to focus on ride-sharing, Ford is calling itself a "mobility" company and touting its fleet of self-driving cars, and Tesla is, well, Tesla.

Study: 400 million of us will share autonomous cars by 2030

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors and Uber are clamoring for fleets of autonomous cars to serve folks who don't own cars themselves. A new study from ABI Research suggests that they may be on to something that could give them a leg-up in the looming transportation shift.