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2018 Buick LaCrosse Review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - All-new just last year, the stylish 2018 Buick LaCrosse is a traditional full-size luxury sedan with a quiet and comfortable interior, standard hybrid power and available all-wheel drive. The new LaCrosse offers a unique mix of in-cabin technology, safety features and luxurious appointments, which makes it a standout in a class that includes the Lexus ES, Toyota Avalon, Kia Cadenza and Nissan Maxima.

These are the 19 most reliable used cars of 2018

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The used car market can be difficult to navigate. Sometimes, it's tough to tell if a seller is unloading a car because it's time for an upgrade, or because it's underwhelming.

J.D. Power can help shed some light on that question with its 2018 US Vehicle Dependability Study, which measures how much customers like their cars over time. This year's survey collected feedback from 38,896 respondents who have owned a 2015 model-year vehicle for three years and determined the most reliable cars in 19 categories.

Buick Has Big Discounts to Thank for Red-Hot Car in Truck Market

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Here’s something that defies logic in a nation of truck lovers: Sales of the Buick LaCrosse sedan more than doubled in January. There’s a catch -- a $14,000 one. Auto-pricing website Autotrader says General Motors had so many incentives on the LaCrosse that, when piled together, buyers could get a five-digit discount. Those deals weren’t available everywhere though, since they required stitching together every penny of possible money, from dealer incentives to regional offers, said Autotrader analyst Michelle Krebs.

Texas Driver Singed After Buick's Seat Warmer Catches Fire

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Wade Kerley of Daingerfield, TX, claims to have been injured when the seat warmer in the driver's seat of his 2015 Buick Lacrosse caught fire. "I sat down, started the car… About five minutes later I started smelling a burning smell, I realized something was burning my back," Kerley told KLTV.

Brougham all the Things: Avenir Sub-brand to Grow Across Buick Lineup

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Launched last fall on the new-for-2018 Enclave crossover and extended to the LaCrosse large sedan, Buick now is making noises that the Avenir sub-brand will extend across the lineup, potentially landing on every model it sells. That didn’t take long.

Two Straight Years of 1.4 Million Sales for Buick

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Buick delivered more than 1. 4 million vehicles globally. 2017 saw a spirited pace of new vehicle launches, including the Enclave, Enclave Avenir, Regal Sportback, Regal TourX, Regal GS, GL6, Velite 5, Excelle GX and LaCrosse Avenir.

The Price of Aveniring: Top-flight Buick LaCrosse Sees a Sticker Jump, But You’ve Already Stopped Reading This

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - We joke, but there’s many among us – even here at TTAC – who would love to see the full-size sedan segment return to its former glory. Ford can ditch this EcoSport idea and get back to building Galaxies and LTDs and Fairlanes, Dodge can reintroduce the Monaco and Polara, and Buick can slot the Electra 225