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The sky's the limit: flying car racing series under development

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Australia bid goodbye to local automobile manufacturing this past October as the final Holden Commodore rolled off the assembly line, but perhaps the country will be at the forefront of another transportation sector: flying cars.

Holden Announces Pricing For Australia's 2018 Commodore

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Pricing details for the new ZB Holden Commodore have just been announced in Australia. The new vehicle, nothing more than a rebadged Opel Insignia, will start at $33,690 for the entry-level LT Liftback model with front-wheel drive and a 2.

GM And HSV Announce Camaro SS And Silverado HD Heading To Australia Next Year

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors and Holden Special Vehicles have reached an agreement which will ensure the latter company remains active following the death of the rear-wheel drive Holden Commodore. Described as a "pivotal moment" in HSV’s history, the agreement paves the way for an assortment of new vehicles to come to Australia.

Holden Boss: ‘We Left No Stone Unturned’ To Keep Manufacturing Operations Open

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Tomorrow, Holden will become a full importer of vehicles as the final Australian-built Commodore rolls off of the assembly line. It marks an end to 69 years of continuous production in the country. Ahead of the announced shutdown in 2013, Holden pulled every lever possible to ensure its factories would continue humming well into the 2020s, but ultimately, the plans fell through after the local government failed to co-invest in the operations alongside General Motors.

Holden Honours Its Manufacturing Legacy; Completes Transformation To Sales, Engineering And Design Business

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM Holden today celebrated nearly 70 years of proud manufacturing heritage with the final Holden Commodore rolling off the Elizabeth line today at 10. 45am (Adelaide time). A private ceremony for employees was held today to mark Holden’s proud manufacturing history and pay tribute to the generations of hard-working men and women who literally built the Holden legend.