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The end of car production in Australia: the final week

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The doors are about to close on the Australian car manufacturing industry forever. General Motors’ Aussie outpost, Holden, will be last to turn out the lights, on 20 October, when the Commodore production line falls silent just two weeks after the local Toyota Camry factory shuts.

Next-Generation ZB Holden Commodore Revealed to the Public for the First Time at Motorclassica

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Holden has revealed the ZB Commodore VXR to the Australian public for the first time this morning at Motorclassica at Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building.

Holden Begins Building Last Commodore

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - A leaked photo published on social media appears to show the final Australian-made Holden ahead of the plant's closure on October 20. The image features a Commodore sedan as a bare metal shell in the manufacturer's Elizabeth plant, pictured with a sign signifying the car as the "Last Holden Manufactured in Australia".

The Chevy Camaro May Be Going Down Under

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The muscle car never died in Australia. While America got by with Corvettes that produced less horsepower than an "underpowered" Subaru BRZ, cars like the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon continued to carry the V-8 torch down under. But with the Falcon gone and the latest Commodore being a rebadged Opel Insignia, has the Aussie muscle car gone the way of the recently extinct Bramble Cay melomys? The answer is no, and this time it's the Americans to the rescue. Holden Special Vehicles will reportedly convert Australian Camaros to right-hand drive.

How Holden has tuned the European ZB Commodore for local roads

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - We've learnt quite a lot more about the European-sourced 2018 Commodore after Holden's second pre-launch drive for media. We do at least go into this knowing what it's called. After being dubbed "next generation" by for so long, many (including us) thought it would be called the NG. Not so: it was confirmed earlier this month that the official designation will be ZB Commodore when the new car is launched in New Zealand in the first quarter of next year.