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Vauxhall Grandland X review: We cross Britain in Vauxhall’s £22,000 SUV

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - So, the Grandland X. Let me fill you in. This is Vauxhall’s third SUV, sitting above Mokka X and Crossland X. It is basically a re-skinned Peugeot 3008 powered by PSA engines and built in France.

Tuned Opel Grandland X Has 25-HP Boost, Subdued Body Kit

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The German tuner Irmscher know that it’s doing when the time comes to upgrade the latest vehicles from Opel, and the firm’s latest work gives Grandland X crossover a fresher look with some tiny upgrades. The parts include a simplified front grille with either a chrome or carbon fiber accent strip on top. It’s also available with our without an Opel badge in the middle.

Vauxhall Grandland X 1.6D auto 2017 first drive

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The diesel Grandland X is a better bet for most than the 1. 2-litre petrol model but still struggles to stand out in a crowded marketThe diesel version of Vauxhall’s new mid-sized crossover, a car designed to compete with the bestselling Nissan Qashqai and the class-best Seat Ateca.

Vauxhall Grandland X 1.2T 130 2017 review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Vauxhall Grandland X is a re-skinned Peugeot 3008 that's too bland and offers too little to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketIf Vauxhall has an issue it is that, far more often than not, it has been too keen to go with the popular flow. Instead of blazing a trail itself, it’s been happy simply putting its own take on concepts and classes that already exist.

Opel Grandland X PHEV Announced From Frankfurt: Photos & Videos

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Opel has announced from the Frankfurt Motor Show that its new model – the Grandland X, will be available in a plug-in hybrid version in the future. Unfortunately, the details dried up pretty much there, as no further estimates were given on what the future compact plug-in utility vehicle’s performance or.

Opel Unveils Grandland X Plug-in Hybrid In Frankfurt

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Opel just unveiled a plug-in hybrid version of its all-new Grandland X sport utility vehicle at the Frankfurt auto show. It will be the first Opel plug-in hybrid ever launched, said CEO Michael Lohscheller during a media preview today for three new Opel models.