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Buick Unveils Buick GL8 Avenir Concept at the Shanghai Auto Show

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Earlier this month at the Shanghai Auto Show, Lexus made waves with the reveal of its luxury Lexus LM minivan. However, Lexus wasn’t the only automaker to reveal a minivan at the show.

Buick Unveils the New Encore in China, and It Comes in Two Lengths

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Buick is big in China, so big that its popularity there is basically the entire reason the brand wasn’t killed off back in 2009 during GM’s Red Wedding. So it makes sense that Buick would have a big showing at the Shanghai motor show.

Buick GL8 25S Joins The Brand's Chinese Family With New Engine

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Some four months after launching the new Buick GL8 in China, the MPV has gained a new version. Named the GL8 25S, it's part of 18 new and refreshed cars that General Motors is launching in the People's Republic this year to increase their footprint in the largest market worldwide.