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Chevrolet FNR-X PHEV SUV Concept Steals The Show In Shanghai

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors is justly proud of its Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, which designed and developed the FNR-X PHEV SUV concept that debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show this week. The world is cuckoo for SUVs. A plug-in hybrid model should be just what the doctor ordered for those looking to jump into the electric car revolution but only at the shallow end of the pool.

Chevrolet FNR-X: A New Hope For A Plug-In SUV From GM – Live Debut Photos & Videos

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - One of the best new plug-in car debuts from the Auto Shanghai show this year was the Chevrolet FNR-X Concept (see initial impressions), build from the minds at GM’s in-house Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (or PATAC). What we know, it that it’s plug-in hybrid, but on the technical side of.

Chevy plays with tech and styling on FNR-X plug-in SUV concept

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM SUVs aren't generally the best place to look to see playful design, but that's what's on display on the new FNR-X. The SUV concept carries a plug-in powertrain and some high-tech features inside a strong, sturdy build sliced and diced with some puzzling design cues.

Chevrolet FNR-X Concept Looks Ready for Production

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Two years ago at the Shanghai auto show, Chevrolet wowed the crowd with its futuretastic FNR (“Find New Roads”) concept car that was bad-ass in every way (except for being fully autonomous). That vehicle was said to provide “a glimpse into the mobility of the future.

Chevrolet Finds New Road Cruiser in Shanghai with FNR-X Concept

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Chevrolet is taking its current tagline, “Find New Roads” to new extremes – at least in China – with the second in a series of concept vehicles debuting this week at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Chevrolet FNR-X plug-in hybrid crossover concept debuts in Shanghai: live photos

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - After being teased last week, the Chevrolet FNR-X Concept crossover made its debut yesterday at the Shanghai auto show. The new shape, which sports a plug-in hybrid powertrain, is intended to showcase the design talents of Chevy's Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center in Shanghai It's the second concept to be named FNR—for "Find New Roads,".

Chevrolet FNR-X Concept Previews Volt-Based Crossover

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Volt plug-in has been on sale for close to seven years now and has a proven track record of reliable performance and a dedicated base of fans. The one gripe among owners is the lack of cargo and passenger space, something that could be addressed by a more utilitarian body like that of a crossover or minivan. The idea of a more practical vehicle on GM’s “Voltec” platform is not exactly new, with the Volt MPV5 concept shown at the Beijing Auto Show in 2010. A production version of that model never materialized. However, the chances for a production version of the FNR-X are much better.