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Book by Cadillac Was Successful Enough to Expand

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Back in January, Cadillac announced it was launching a new subscription service called Book. For $1,500 a month, members would get access to Platinum-trim models like the Escalade and CT6, as well as the high-performance CTS-V and ATS-V.

Spied! Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype Caught at McDonald’s

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - When you pull into McDonald’s, there’s a decent chance you’ll see some Mustangs and Camaros. And you probably wouldn’t think much about it if you saw a GMC Sierra Denali or a Cadillac CTS.

How we’re solving the LIDAR problem

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Sensors are a critical enabler for deploying self-driving cars at scale, and LIDARs (sensors that use laser light to measure the distance to objects) are currently the bottleneck. Existing commercially available solutions cost tens of thousands of dollars, are bulky and mechanically complex, and lack the performance needed to unlock self-driving operation at higher speeds and in more challenging weather. To tackle these problems we’ve acquired Strobe, a company that has quietly been building the leading next-generation LIDAR sensors.

2017 Cadillac CTS In-Depth Review: More Sport Than Luxury

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Blending sport and luxury is a balancing act, and the CTS leans heavily toward the sport side. It still offers the luxury features that premium buyers expect—upscale interior materials, a full complement of infotainment features, and plenty of curb appeal—but it’s also rife with compromise.

GM is buying a startup that builds a critical piece of self-driving technology

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - On Monday, General Motors said it would buy Strobe, which uses laser-radar (Lidar) technology to help self-driving cars identify objects at a distance, to boost its push into the market for self-driving vehicles. Deal terms were not disclosed, but Pasadena, CA-based Strobe was founded by CEO Julie Schoenfeld, a serial entrepreneur and veteran of noted startup incubator Idealab.

Add modern comfort to your Classic Chevy with Vintage Air’s SureFit Gen IV climate control system

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Today’s aftermarket is nothing short of remarkable when it comes to great products for classic muscle cars. You get the incredible styling and nostalgic feel of vintage muscle along with all the creature comforts of modern automotive technology.