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Executing the Perfect Restomod Formula With a 1959 Corvette

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Most of the time when we present you with a Corvette feature, the story is a rags-to-riches scenario where a guy or gal waited years before their dream car become a reality. It’s a deeply touching story that most can relate to or, at the very least, aspire to.

C2 Corvette Gets a Complete Cooling System Overhaul

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The cooling system in a C2 Corvette has plenty of faults, even in the original configuration, and when you start modifying the engine the problems only get worse. The constant struggle to stay cool has created anxiety in thousands of Corvette owners, as one eye is always glued on the temperature gauge.

Famous Women Race Car Driver 1965 Corvette Found in Garage 20 Years Later

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Matt Barczak was excited about buying a heavily optioned ’65 Corvette convertible with a 350-horse 327 (L79) and four-speed. He had no idea there was a celebrity owner from this car’s past.

Rebuilding the C3 Corvette Independent Rear Suspension

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Our 1968 Corvette coupe is edging ever closer to hitting the highway. After rebuilding the front suspension and brakes, the team at Hot Rods by Dean turned their attention to the rear suspension.

How to Install Modern Audio Into Vintage Corvettes

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Amazing advances in automotive audio systems have been witnessed over the past several decades. Before we explore integrating these modern technologies into vintage Corvettes, let’s look back at how the Corvette generations evolved almost in lockstep with the evolution of car audio.

C3 Corvette Door Panel Rejuvenation

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - There’s nothing finer than enjoying the driving experience in your Corvette, especially when your business office is factory-fresh. As your car ages so does its interior and many times it becomes perfectly comfortable for every cruise you take.