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General Motors Discontinues a Chevrolet That’s Also a Nissan

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors, the automaker that once took badge engineering to dizzying new heights, is culling a slow-selling carbon copy from its lineup. The Chevrolet City Express, a small, front-drive panel van you’ll be forgiven for not remembering, will no longer be available to commercial buyers, GM says.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon First Look: Budget Hauler for Boomers

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The cheerfully compact Ford Transit Connect wagon and van created a new small-commercial-van segment in the US when it arrived in late 2009. Early success attracted copycats from Nissan (the NV200 in 2013 and its rebadged twin Chevy City Express in 2014) and from Ram (the 2015 ProMaster City).

2018 Chevrolet City Express Review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The 2018 Chevrolet City Express offers the compact size and good fuel economy required of a small, nimble urban-delivery vehicle. The City Express isn’t really a GM product but instead a rebadged Nissan NV200, an added bonus for those who still think foreign products are more reliable than their domestic counterparts.

Maven Debuts Elevated Car-Sharing Service in Baltimore

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Baltimoreans and visitors to the city can now access new cars on demand for hourly or daily rates through Maven’s seamless mobile app. Maven, General Motors’ personal mobility brand, is expanding its offerings in Baltimore from the Lyft Express Drive program to now include Maven City car sharing.

Chevrolet flexes its work truck muscle

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Chevrolet division of General Motors is flexing a lot of “work truck” muscle these days. At the 2017 NTEA Work Truck Show, the company announced its soon-to-be-unveiled Class 4-5 medium-duty conventional truck, being jointly built with Navistar, will be powered by its Duramax diesel engine mated to an Allison Transmission automatic gearbox. The OEM also showed off the latest addition to its Class 3-6 line of cabover medium-duty trucks built in partnership with Isuzu: the 6500XD, expected to be available by the end of the year.

Toyota’s European Aygo City Car Could Become a Stand-Alone EV

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - For the past few years Toyota has scoffed at battery electric vehicles, instead favoring gasoline-electric hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, but that could change. During an interview with British publication Auto Express, Toyota’s European CEO, Johan van Zyl, suggested that while Toyota has hybrid vehicles in nearly every segment of the market, the smallest class of cars – the A-segment – could require a different approach.

2017 Chevrolet City Express Review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Chevrolet’s 2017 City Express work van may just be a re-badged Nissan NV200, but it fills a void in GM’s van lineup that has been vacant for too long. The compact City Express van has what it takes to take on the Ford Transit Express and Ram ProMaster City, although there is still no passenger version.