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Trickle Charged: Chevrolet Reveals More Details About Bolt’s Electric Drivetrain

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Given Tesla’s recent, high-visibility reveal of its upcoming 2018 Model 3 sedan, it’s probably more than coincidence that, only days later, GM offered a glimpse into the workings of its 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV. While the General didn’t release anything Earth-shatteringly new about the all-electric Bolt at its battery lab in Warren, Michigan, it’s clear that the Model 3 will have a formidable competitor already in the marketplace when it eventually arrives.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Drivetrain First Look (w/ video)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - We’ve had a brief drive in Chevy’s new Bolt, and we learned its price back in January, and now–perhaps in hopes of drawing a bit of attention away from that price and range competitor from Brand T–Chevy is revealing quite a few more details about its 200-plus-mile affordable electric car. Always keen to under-promise and over-deliver, the Bolt engineers are still cagey about exactly how far north of 200 miles the EPA window-sticker range will land or exactly how much quicker than 7 seconds it will accelerate to 60 mph (Tesla is claiming 215 miles and less than 6 seconds for its 2017 Model 3)

Tesla's Model 3 will face some serious competition - but it does have a few advantages

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The announcement of the Tesla Model 3 was a resounding success for the company with more than 275,000 pre-orders in the first weekend of sales. The toughest competitor of all could be GM's Chevy Bolt, an all-electric vehicle with similar capabilities to the Tesla Vehicle. It is priced at $37,500 and will beat the Model 3 to the market by about a year.

GM isn’t worried about all of those Tesla Model 3 pre-orders

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Tesla Model 3 may be getting a lot of attention, but General Motors doesn't think that will affect demand for the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV. GM isn't taking deposits for its new electric car.