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Comparison Tests: Subcompact SUV Challenge

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - One of the hottest segments in the automotive world right now is subcompact crossover utility. And there has been a sea of new competitors rolling in over the last year. So of course we decided to pit all of these new rides against one another to see which mini-ute delivers to the max.

​Ford Shelby GT350 Vs. Chevy Camaro SS (video) Throwdown

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Hard days and long nights. Real work. Convincing them is about to get impossible. Who else runs buck wild with two of the ballsiest cars on the face of Planet Earth - on a school day?

The 10 most powerful new vehicles for under $60,000

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - If you are looking for a high-horsepower new vehicle and want to keep the costs under $60,000, automakers have plenty to offer as the new 2016 models start arriving at dealerships. Despite tighter government regulations mandating higher new vehicle fuel economy standards, automakers still offer plenty of power-packed options, from light- to heavy-duty trucks to sedans and sports coupes.

2017 Chevy Cruze Hatchback Spied Testing

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Chevy Cruze Hatchback is on its way to the US and new spy photos show off the small car's looks. It appears as though the Cruze Hatchback’s face remains the same as the sedan, with looks heavily influenced by the redesign Malibu and Volt.

A Basic 2016 Chevrolet Camaro V6 Is The Most Surprising Enthusiast's Car In A Long Time

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Everyone wants to talk about the 2016 Chevy Camaro SS. This makes sense. It’s the one with the V8. But after a 1,000 mile road trip across the west, I can tell you the smart money’s on the unofficial “Working Man’s Edition;” the 1LT V6. Cloth seats, stick shift, 335 horsepower of essential Camaro for the enthusiast driver who doesn’t need rainbow ambient lighting to feel good about their car. Yes, the V6 Camaro is finally a Camaro you won’t feel bad about owning.

I Told You The 2016 Chevy Camaro's V6 Exhaust Note Sounded Good

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - I know what you’re thinking. “V8 Camaro or bust.” I too, love the soundtrack of a small-block V8 pushing power to the rear tires, as god intended. But the V6 does impressive audio too. My colleague Andrew Collins mentioned how the exhaust is his second-favorite thing on the new 2016 Camaro, I’m here to prove his point — with pure, unadulterated video.

Earnhardt Jr.'s 2016 Axalta Paint Scheme Released

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Hendrick Motorsports and Dale Earnhardt Jr. unveiled the paint scheme for the #88 Axalta Chevrolet for 2016 Wednesday in Las Vegas. Axalta previously sponsored Jeff Gordon's Chevrolets and will be on Dale Jr.'s car for 13 races per year beginning in 2016.

Subcompact SUV Challenge: Which is best?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In a city known for its youth and outdoors spirit, there couldn't be a more fitting place to test competitors in the most surprising new segment in the auto industry – subcompact SUVs. The cars were driven hundreds of miles over three days, including a 204-mile journey to score gas mileage over varied terrain. The cars took a winding course through the Rockies and drove down straightways through pastures and fields. On the last day, they were turned over to a young Colorado couple who are in the market for cars like these.