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Free Press Car of the Year: 2016 Chevrolet Malibu

Posted By Charlie on Articles - The 2016 Chevrolet Malibu puts General Motors’ biggest brand back at the forefront of the challenging and competitive market for midsize sedans. The Malibu’s dynamic looks break the mold of its intentionally conservative predecessors and build on the design theme pioneered by the larger Impala without being repetitive. A roomy interior answers previous Malibus’ other greatest failing and offers features like Apple CarPlay, appealing materials and user-friendly controls.

Tech show to feature driverless concepts, electric cars

Posted By Charlie on Articles - CES 2016, the technology trade show that kicks off next week in Las Vegas, is becoming just as vital to carmakers and suppliers for showcasing new products as any auto show. GM on Wednesday will unveil a production version of its all-electric Bolt that will have a range of about 200 miles on a single charge. Barra, on Twitter, said her keynote will also touch on how GM is “redefining personal mobility.”

2015 Chevrolet SS Second Test Review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - What’s the most underrated car on the market? You’re never going to guess, so I’m just going to tell you: the Chevrolet SS with a manual transmission. The only other equally forgotten about new ride is the Ford Fiesta ST, but that’s a whole other story. (I own one. It’s awesome.) Now, I’m not saying there aren’t lots of other fantastic cars out there currently for sale. I am saying when’s the last time you saw a Chevy SS, let alone thought about one? Thing is, you should be thinking about the big four-door, five-passenger Chevy. Because it rocks.

Refresh restores Malibu’s relevance

Posted By Charlie on Articles - Wander around the elegant Stanford University campus and the streets of this town and you can almost sense the young, innovative minds at work. This is the “smart success” capital of the U.S., perhaps the world. And Chevrolet is hoping some of it rubs off as the GM brand launches its new Malibu sedan here.

Why A 2015 BMW i3 REx Replaced My 2013 Chevy Volt: Electric-Car Evolution

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The car most comparable to the first Chevrolet Volt is the current BMW i3 fitted with the optional REx range-extending engine. Both cars run entirely in electric mode until their battery packs are depleted, unlike other plug-in hybrids which switch on their engines under maximum power demand.

New Ad for Silverado Scores Again for Chevrolet's 'Real People' Campaign

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - College-bowl watchers this weekend are among the first being treated to one of the best TV ads yet to come out of Chevrolet's highly engaging "Real People, Not Actors" campaign that has been using ordinary consumers to underscore feature-by-feature advantages of various Chevy vehicles over the competition.