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Black Book: Vehicle Values Down in November

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - According to Black Book data, the average price of a used vehicle for model years 2012-16 depreciated in value by -2.2%. Cars overall dropped -2.6% and trucks decreased -1.8% in value during November. All vehicles are averaging a 12-month depreciation of -13.2%. Small pickups were the only vehicle category to increase in value during November, increasing in value by +0.4%. Vehicles in the small pickup category include the Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Nissan Frontier and the Honda Ridgeline. Small pickups ended the month with an average segment price of $21,454, a -6.8% drop.

2018 GMC Canyon Review

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Comfortable, capable and fuel-efficient, the ruggedly handsome 2018 GMC Canyon is a standout in the resurgent midsize-pickup-truck segment. The new Canyon is available in several body styles and with several engines, including a turbodiesel, which is unique in the sparsely populated class. Competition comes from the popular Toyota Tacoma, the Nissan Frontier and the similar Chevy Colorado.

Pickup Trucks Sales Breakdown: October 2017

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - October, as many predicted, continued the strong pickup truck sales trend, with every full-size pickup truck maker in the black. Interestingly, except for the GMC Canyon, all the mid-size pickups were down for the month, with the Chevrolet Colorado down more than 5 percent when compared to this month last year.

Yamaha Cross Hub Concept is a Tiny Truck for Urbanites

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The small truck segment has seen a resurgence in recent years. Although the Toyota Tacoma was the only real player for a little while, the arrival of the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Honda Ridgeline, and the upcoming Ford Ranger signal a healthy future for the category.

Made for America, the Nissan Titan Expands Its Horizons

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In terms of monthly US sales, Nissan’s line of Titan pickups ended September in the number nine spot, ahead of the midsize GMC Canyon but behind its own paleolithic Frontier. While the 3,773 Titan and Titan XDs sold last month represent a tiny fraction of the 82,302 Ford F-Series models sold in the same time

2018 GMC Canyon In-Depth Review: An Efficient and Highly Skilled Mini Sierra

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The mid-size Canyon is essentially a downsized GMC Sierra, with strikingly similar style and ample ability. It’s available with General Motors’ exclusive diesel inline-four that’s fuel efficient and can tow up to 7700 pounds.

IIHS: Mid-size pickups crash well enough, lack advanced safety tech

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released its small-overlap crash test data for mid-size pickups on Wednesday, with mostly positive results for the 2017 Toyota Tacoma, 2017 Chevrolet Colorado, and 2017 GMC Canyon. The 2017 Nissan Frontier—set to embark on its 12th year since its last major refresh—trailed its competition.