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Detroit Speed-Built 1969 Camaro Wins Goodguys Street Machine of the Year

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Legendary suspension manufacturer Detroit Speed took home their second Goodguys Street Machine of the Year award at the 2018 PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio. This honor comes a mere 18 years after their “Twister” Camaro won the same award, a car that brought nation-wide attention to the suspension company.

Toyota Supra Will Race in NASCAR

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Toyota Supra will join the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang in NASCAR's Xfinity Series, which is a proving ground for the bigger Monster Energy Cup Series. The model’s appearance represents a great marketing move for the launch of this reborn race car.

Modern-Day Sleeper 1973 Chevrolet Camaro Adds Sizzle to Your Commute

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - By today’s standards, a second-generation Camaro with subtle paint and a lowered stance can easily blend into traffic given its sleeper-esque vibe, allowing it move amongst the normal flow without raising an eyebrow. Being a sleeper doesn’t always have to equate to a sedan packing a built V-8 with a shot of nitrous, lack of flash, and dog dish hubcaps as it did in years past.

Replacing and Properly Adjusting 1967 Camaro Vent Windows

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - As with many projects, you start down one repair path and end up going in a different direction. We’d never repaired a vent window assembly before, so this project was a completely new adventure.

Not Your Average 1,400-Horsepower 1966 Chevy Nova Street Machine

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In central Oklahoma at least, the Goad surname is a storied one. Brother James (owner of the Reaper ’69 Camaro on Street Outlaws) is a street racer of no small legend.