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Cadillac Offers $5,000 Off An Escalade To Tackle New Lincoln Navigator

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac is targeting Lincoln customers with its latest offer on the Escalade, as the new Navigator starts to roll out nationwide. Any customer that will trade in a 1999 or newer Lincoln model will get a $5000 discount on a Cadillac Escalade, according to Bloomberg which confirmed the offer with GM. This marks the beginning of an aggressive strategy for Cadillac which understandably wants to defend its dominant luxury SUV against the all-new Lincoln Navigator. Ford is also launching the new Expedition, which is also expected to steal some of the market share GM enjoys in the segment. Lincoln’

2017 Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid (with video)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM is making a really big push for electrified vehicles in the coming years - and not just Chevrolet mass-market econo-hatches. We're talking about things like the 2017 CT6 Plug-In Hybrid from Cadillac.

GM dangles $5,000 Cadillac Escalade discount as new Lincoln Navigator debuts

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - For shoppers with an eye on the new Navigator SUV -- or any Lincoln, for that matter -- General Motors is offering a $5,000 discount to make them think twice.

Mercedes Benz testing self-driving S-Class around the world

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Instead of mapping out highways like Cadillac did with Super Cruise, Mercedes-Benz is using an S-Class to tackle all sorts of driving conditions around the world. The idea is to solve traffic problems posed by countries around the world, going along Mercedes’ idea to unify a set of rules and regulations for autonomous vehicles across the globe.

Demonstration of the Self-Driving Cadillac

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Set to arrive on the Canadian market this fall, the 2018 Cadillac CT6 will feature, as an option, what GM promises to be the industry’s first truly hands-free self-driving technology. Here’s what the Super Cruise system will be able to do.

Cadillac’s Throwing Shade at Lincoln (and Money at Lincoln Owners)

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Despite the addition of a corporate split grill a few years ago, there’s no denying Lincoln’s outgoing Navigator is one old piece of kit. As such, the glitzy premiere of the new-for-2018 Navigator heralded greater full-size Lincoln SUV sales not just from new buyers, but returning ones.

China Officially Becomes Cadillac's Largest Market

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Chinese are continuing to purchase Cadillac models in record numbers, helping the American carmaker to record its 17th month of consecutive sales growth.Last month, Cadillac shifted 17,018 units in China, significantly more than the 13,931 vehicles it sold throughout the United States and a healthy 36.1 per cent higher than the 12,502 Cadillacs sold in China in October 2016. In year-to-date sales, Chinese customers have purchased 141,643 models from Cadillac. By comparison, 127,777 have been sold in the United States, 4.1 per cent less than the same time period last year. By comparison, t

GM Canada Leads the Industry with Another Record-Breaking Month of Retail Sales

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM Canada claims #1 in Retail and Total sales as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac dealers deliver 26,847 vehicles (total) in October.