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Buick Cascada on the chopping block as automaker scales back its car lineup

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Convertible fans have just a few more months to buy one of the last American-brand droptops. Buick last week confirmed a long-running rumor that it will discontinue its Cascada convertible after the 2019 model year.

It’s Official: Buick Will Kill Off the Cascada This Summer

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Buick Cascada – based on the European Opel model of the same name – was never a particularly huge seller in the US In 2018, it was the brand's slowest-selling model, moving just 4,136 units. Now, those declining sales have caught up with Buick's convertible, which will cease production in Poland this summer.

Buick’s U.S. Lineup May Need More Help From China

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - With official confirmation that the Buick Cascada will eventually be joining the Lacrosse for an extended dirt nap, General Motors’ “lesser” luxury brand has to make a decision.

Rare Rides: A Buick Dealers’ Delight – the 1984 Bitter SC

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Buick’s on again, off again relationship with the Opel brand is currently very much on, as two Opels badged as Regals tempt buyers, and one Opel badged as Cascada tempts rental companies. But these recent exercises in marketing are somewhat tame in comparison to the experiment General Motors conducted in the 1980s with a little company