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Chevy Blazer Will Be Reborn as a Mid-Size Crossover, Report Claims

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Before you get too excited, however, there's a catch. Unlike the Ford Bronco, which will be built on the global Ford Ranger's body-on-frame platform and whose marketing materials emphasize capability, it seems the new Chevrolet Blazer will be what people these days just can't get enough of: a mid-size, three-row crossover, with no removable roof in sight. Sigh.

Chevrolet’s New ‘Blazer’ is Approaching Its True Form

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - After numerous sightings in the wild, clothed in deceptive padding to hide the bodywork, Chevrolet’s midsize SUV is approaching its final form. Sharing a platform with the newly downsized GMC Acadia, the latest incarnation of the vehicle looks a little more like an upscale crossover and a lot less like the rugged Blazer from which

Ace of Base: 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Custom

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In 1978, two years before I appeared on this earth, my parents traded their two-year old Chevy Nova for a brand-new K5 Blazer at Riverview Chev-Olds in Grand Falls, Newfoundland. They were headed to jobs on the Great Northern Peninsula and, with sound reasoning, figured a four-wheel-drive rig would be a good idea.