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GM's Baojun 560 Gets Seven Seats, Dual Clutches

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Of all the SUVs that GM produces and markets around the world, the Baojun 560 may be the least familiar.. to most Western readers, at least. But it's a critical model in the Chinese market, and it's now been treated to some critical upgrades.

Baojun E100: GM's tiny, two-seat electric car for China

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Most North Americans and Europeans will likely never have heard of Baojun, but it's one of many brands operated under General Motors' SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture in China. Its portfolio is mostly made up of small sedans, multi-purpose vehicles (small minivans), hatchbacks, and a crossover utility vehicle, but the brand recently undertook its.

GM shows Tesla how to make a truly mass-market electric car

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The automaker's Chinese Baojun brand just launched its first mass-market electric car, the E100, for only about $5,300 USD after estimated local and national subsidies. The tiny two-seater looks like one of Mercedes-Benz's smart cars (which has its own EV in the works), a design which GM claims is the perfect size for Chinese commuters looking for a compact, low-maintenance set of wheels.

GM launches tiny $5K EV in China

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - ​Much noise has been made about the Tesla Model 3, but it looks pricey compared to the latest electric car from GM. Dubbed the Baojun B100, it has about 100 miles of range and costs less than the average motorbike when subsidies are taken into account.

General Motors Launches Baojun E100 Electric Car, Priced From *~$5,300

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It looks like the smart fortwo is about to have some worthy and very affordable competition…at least in China that is. SAIC-GM-Wuling has launched the Baojun E100.