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Ford Drops More Hints about Its All-New Driverless Vehicle—Here’s Where It Stands versus Competitors

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors has made the Chevrolet Bolt EV the flagship of its future autonomous fleet. Uber has a high-profile partnership revolving around Volvo’s XC90 SUVs for its self-driving future.

Aye, Robots: Honda Bringing Its 3E Concept to CES Technology Show

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - For all of Elon Musk’s huffery-puffery re: Autopilot, for all the noise General Motors has been making about Cadillac’s Super Cruise and Chevy’s autonomous Bolt EVs, and for everything Nissan has been gabbing about in the realm of self-driving automobiles, there’s just one car company that comes to mind when one thinks of actual, honest-to-goodness robots: Honda. And at the 2018 CES show, Honda is out to illustrate that its robo-ambition stretches beyond Asimo.

What's a self-driving Chevy Bolt EV electric car like to ride in? Jerky, says one report

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - While such autonomous players as Uber, Tesla, and Waymo have already opened their car doors to the public, GM's autonomous subsidiary Cruise Automation has held its cards close to its vest. This past week, the Detroit-based automaker and Silicon Valley-based subsidiary allowed select members of the press a sneak peek of what’s to come from.

In Media Debut, Taco Truck Trips Up Autonomous Chevy Bolt

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Though some automakers are working diligently on self-driving cars, this Chevy Bolt proves that it may still be awhile before a robot can fully comprehend its environment. GM’s Cruise Automation initiated the first public rides in its autonomous Bolt this week.

Commercial tests of self-driving Chevy Bolt EV to launch in many cities in 2019

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors officials made a bold announcement on a Thursday conference call with investors: the automaker plans to launch commercial autonomous fleet operations beginning in 2019. The Detroit-based automaker's vision for commercial, autonomous ride sharing will begin with self-driving Bolt EV robo-taxis operating in dense urban areas in.

GM's Autonomous Car Gets Confused, Stops for Lunch

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors, in a collaboration with its driverless car startup Cruise, sent its Chevrolet Bolt on a series of media-only preview test drives Tuesday, but the urban environment it traversed may have been a bit overwhelming for the car. According to Reuters, the dense streets of downtown San Francisco proved to be too challenging for the vehicle to complete on its own.

Taco truck halts GM autonomous car's cruise through city streets

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - A self-driving Chevy Bolt drove more than two miles in San Francisco in its media debut, but double-parked cars and traffic cones tripped up the computer driver, and a taco truck stumped the machine.

Autonomous Chevy Bolt EVs To Hit The Streets Of NYC

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - GM’s Cruise Automation will soon begin the testing of autonomous Chevrolet Bolt EVs (Level 4) on a daily basis in New York City to accelerate improvements of the system. Manhattan, targeted for the tests, is considered one of the most challenging places to operate an autonomous vehicle in the US,.

Autonomous Chevrolet Bolt Keeps Getting Hit By Human-Operated Vehicles

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - According to GM, its fleet of self-driving Chevrolet Bolts has more than doubled, which means more accidents … but fortunately, the Bolt has not been at fault. GM’s Cruise Automation has increased the number of autonomous Bolts testing on California roads to 100 over the last three months.

Autonomous Chevrolet Bolt Gets Hit By Drunk Cyclist, Takes Out A Sensor

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Consumers are still wary of autonomous driving technology and news that vehicles from Cruise Automation were involved in six accidents last month likely won't help their confidence.