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GM Sued By Lane-Splitting Motorcyclist In Self-Driving Chevy Bolt Crash

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - About a month ago, a self-driving Chevy Bolt was involved in a crash with a motorcycle, and now the driver is suing GM. Cruise Automation’s autonomous Chevy Bolts have been involved in more than a few accidents recently (13 to be precise, according to the California DMV).

Motorcyclist Suing GM after Accident with Autonomous Chevrolet Bolt EV

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Motorcyclist Oscar Nilsson might not have been going fast when he and an autonomous Chevrolet Bolt EV collided, but he was quick to point the finger and assign fault to the prototype vehicle. Reports via the San Jose, California, Mercury News with subsequent reporting by CNET’s Roadshow, however, indicate that General Motors does not believe the vehicle was to blame.

GM to Launch Driverless Car in 2019 with No Steering Wheel or Pedals

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors is poised to release a production-ready autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel and pedals in 2019. The car, to be named the Cruise AV, is a Chevrolet Bolt EV–based self-driving car that relies on technology developed by the Detroit-based automaker and Cruise Automation, a self-driving startup that GM acquired nearly two years ago.

No Pedals, No Wheel: GM Unveils Bolt-based Autonomous Fleet

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors has showcased its plan to launch public ride-hailing services by teasing a self-driving vehicle with no manual controls whatsoever. The fleet is said to arrive in 2019, which gives us plenty of time to form an angry mob.

GM takes steering wheel, pedals out of Chevy Bolt, asks feds to allow testing

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors has asked the government to sign off on test fleets of autonomous Chevy Bolts that has no steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedal.       

Chevy Cruise AV, GM's autonomous electric Bolt EV, to go into production in 2019

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - How comfortable would you be in a taxi or car-service vehicle that had no steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedals? That's the question prompted by a photo that has already produced some subconscious anxiety among at least auto writers.