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Renault, Nissan Partner With Microsoft, Promise Over-The-Air Updates To Keep Your Car Up-To-Date

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Back in 2010, Nissan became the world’s first automaker to manufacture and produce an affordable, 100-percent electric car. A few months later, its alliance partner Renault followed suit with not one but four new electric cars designed for a variety of different budgets and market segments.

Paralyzed Ex-Racer To Drive A Corvette Stingray With His Head

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Ex-Indy Racing League driver Sam Schmidt is set to become the first paralyzed person in the United States to receive a restricted driver's license for a semi-autonomous car in Nevada.

We hear Buick is testing a Regal wagon with focus groups

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Rumors about a possible Buick Regal wagon have come and gone for the past few years, and today we have another one. A friend of Autoblog recently let slip that Buick is talking with customers and running focus groups of a new car against the Acura TSX wagon and an unnamed Volvo wagon. Of course the Buick model being used in the focus groups wasn't mentioned, but the Regal is the only Buick in the lineup of comparable size and with a wagon version overseas. Plus, we've heard that Buick told dealers a wagon is in the works at a meeting a few months ago.

Cadillac Offering Buyouts to 40 Percent of its Dealerships

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac is offering to buy out 400 of its smallest US dealerships, reports Automotive News. Dealers who are willing to walk away from their franchises will receive between $100,000 and $180,000.

All-new Cadillac CT6 helps move the brand

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Cadillac’s CT6 is new for this year, and it seems to check off many of the boxes on what a large luxury sedan should be. It’s larger yet very sleek-looking from the outside. It has that luxury sedan look, with a long hood and body, but still a shorter rear end when viewed from the side. The front end has a large grill and wraparound headlights that extend farther back on the hood. This is one of the first big Cadillacs whose styling I dig. It’s a bit flashy without being over the top.