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2017 Ford Fusion First Drive Review: More Than Just a Pretty Face?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Despite six engine options, two drivetrain choices, and a near $40,000 price when loaded, the 2017 Ford Fusion is no numbers car. The midsize sedan’s greatest asset remains design; it’s one of the most attractive four-doors on the road under $50,000.

2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid vs. Fusion Energi: Which One Makes More Sense?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Being the only vehicle in its class doesn’t always guarantee a hit, but that can work in the consumers’ favor. Take the Ford Fusion Energi, which for a few years was the only plug-in hybrid in the midsize sedan class.

One Third of Americans Have Never Heard of Uber or Lyft

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Here's a stat that might make you spit your Friday latte all over your desk: According to a new study, a full 33 percent of American adults have never heard of ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft. The survey, conducted by the venerable Pew Research Center, also found that only 15 percent of grown-up Americans have ever used one of the two largest app-based ride-sharing services.

Indy: The Right Guys Win the Pole

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Sam Schmidt is just 51, but he has been in a motorized wheelchair since a practice crash at the miserable little Walt Disney World Speedway on January 6, 2000. Actually, the wheelchair had to wait – he was on a respirator for more than five months.

Looking For A Dark Horse To Root For In the Indy 500? Allow Us To Make a Suggestion

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Overlooked in the very appropriate feel-good celebrations surrounding the Indianapolis 500 pole-winning run of James Hinchcliffe, who nearly died in a crash at the Speedway last year, in a car owned by Sam Schmidt, who nearly died in a crash in 2000 that left him a quadriplegic, was that Stefan Wilson made the show. Wilson, 26, is the younger brother of Justin Wilson, the ex-Formula One driver who died in an IndyCar race last August when a piece of debris from leader Sage Karam’s crashed car entered Wilson’s cockpit and struck him in the head during a race at Pocono.

Five Things You Didn't Know About the Chevy Camaro

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Amazingly, the Mustang and the Camaro are still battling neck and neck for the crown of “America’s Muscle Car. ” This rivalry has to be the coolest story in the history of American car building.

Old-School Racing in NASCAR Sprint Showdown

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Seems like we know how to get kick-ass NASCAR Sprint Cup racing back again: Forget the top half of the field, and let the also-rans have the track to themselves. If you missed the Sprint Showdown -- and you can be excused, since it happened at 11 a.