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Chevy Suburban: 1986MY Vs 2016MY Comparison Yields Some Surprising Results

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The latest model comparison coming from GMPartsOnline has the 2016 Chevrolet Suburban explaining itself to its 30-year old counterpart.

2016 Cadillac CT6 Luxury Test Drive

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - In terms of room, available features, and price, Cadillac’s brand-new CT6 comes out of the gate as a solid contender in the premium large-car class. This is a tough crowd to keep up with, too, considering “the Joneses” here include the BMW 7-Series, Jaguar XJ, Lexus LS, and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Could This Fake EV Concept Give GM The Jolt It Needs To Take On Tesla?

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - An automotive marketing and brand strategist builds a convincingly real-looking website hawking a fictitious Chevy to show General Motors the right way to design and market an electric car.

Review: Sky’s the limit for Buick Cascada convertible

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The Cascada compact 2+2 convertible exemplifies a lot of what’s going right for Buick. It’s essentially a twin of a car General Motors’ European Opel brand began selling in 2013. Buick is a major beneficiary of the globalization of GM’s engineering and vehicle-development processes. Opel developed the Cascada using GM’s global architecture, which also underpins the closely related Opel Astra and Buick Verano compacts.

Bogus Website Advertises the Make-Believe Chevrolet Jolt EV

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - There’s a recently launched website advertising a new 2018 Chevrolet Jolt EV to go along with the Volt and the upcoming Bolt. Unfortunately, both the website and the Jolt EV are fake.

Two Top Tesla Execs Depart With Model 3 on the Way

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Two key manufacturing executives are leaving Tesla, even though the company is about to start production on the Model 3, which goes on sale next year. Tesla vice president of production Greg Reichow and vice president of manufacturing Josh Ensign, are both slated to leave the company.

A Tale of Two Video Data Loggers for the Track

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Racing teams have long used data logging and in-car video to gather invaluable information for drivers and their crews. So it’s no surprise the concept has trickled down to club-racing and track-day enthusiasts.