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Singapore-Startup Testing Self-Driving Taxis to Beat Uber and Google

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - A startup firm has brought the world’s first self-driving taxi service to Singapore. Launched Thursday, Singapore-based nuTonomy, began a trial run of its free taxi-ride service in a small business district of Singapore.

Lyft gives business travelers custom expense reports

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Business travelers' expense reports are now made a little easier with Lyft's latest feature. Lyft's new feature allows for the selection of specific rides to include in expense reports.

GM Keeps Winning Those Ignition Switch Cases

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors has won its third of six “bellwether” cases, with a Texas jury finding that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove a recalled faulty ignition switch caused the death of a driver involved in a crash with a Saturn Sky in 2011.