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Chevy Bolt Headed to Europe As Ampera-e

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - When GM announced the Volt-based Opel/Vauxhall Ampera was being killed due to lack of sales in Europe, it promised a replacement would come, and sure enough it has – the Chevy Bolt rebadaged. To be called the Ampera-e, the new Opel was revealed by CEO Mary Barra yesterday at the CAR Symposium in Bochum, Germany, but details are scant.

Chevrolet Debuts a Horror Film Inspired Trailer with a Twist

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Fans of classic horror movies have all experienced that moment where the music takes an ominous turn and the unsuspecting character is on the verge of opening a door where danger awaits. Imagine however, if for once, that character could heed the warnings of theatergoers and avoid the inevitable threat.

Chevy Bolt EV’s Powertrain Specs, Opel Twin Revealed

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Chevrolet’s Bolt EV was unveiled to the world during last month’s 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, though at the time we weren’t treated to any of the car’s specs apart from the much-hyped 200-mile driving range and $30,000 price tag after incentives.

Chevrolet's Murdered Out Silverado and Colorado Midnight Specials

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - While the Camaro 1LE packages have garnered the most attention at Chevy's Chicago Auto Show booth, the new range of Midnight Special Editions are also glistening under the show's lights.

Scion Brand Reaches End of the Road

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - It is official: Toyota has announced that it will shut down the Scion brand after 13 years. Unlike the numerous automotive brands shuttered in recent years, such as Saab and Saturn, the impact to Scion owners should be negligible.

Straight Talk About Popular Cars and SUVs

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors has been searching for a more appealing formula for its Chevrolet Malibu. While a decent car, the outgoing generation lacked styling verve, fell behind on fuel economy, and didn’t equal its key rivals with rear accommodations.