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10 best transit apps for Android

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Public transit is on the rise almost everywhere in the world. In the US alone, public transit is up 34% from 1995. Companies like Uber have revolutionized the space with more flexible (and dare we say, hip and cool) public transit options.

Heavier Metal: 2018 Ram Limited Tungsten Editions Add Heft to Prices

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Remember those Chevrolet commercials in which they dumped a Bobcat full of landscaping blocks into the beds of Silverado and Ford F-150 pickups? The point Chevrolet was trying to make is that steel is harder than aluminum.

Feds May Be Thinking Twice About Hybrid And EV Pedestrian Warning Noise Law

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration appears to be mulling the notion of keeping in force sound alerts to warn pedestrians of the near-silent cars required now by law in hybrid and electric cars. The consideration was included in NHTSA’s 2018 budget documents presented to Congress emphasizing deregulation for a number of safety rules.