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November 11, 2014

  • from Forbes

    Cadillac’s success in transforming its product from old and stodgy to cutting-edge and bold is nothing short of remarkable. It’s position in the market has improved, and the automaker’s new boss, Johan de Nysschen, has stated unapologetically he’s gunning for the same high-end clientele currently shopping German luxury makes. His mission will depend on cars like the entry-level ATS, the newly positioned CTS, the more upscale XTS, the technically advanced ELR, and...

October 28, 2014

  • Cadillac is getting serious about revitalizing and expanding its lineup, and to that end, a new report claims that brand boss Johan de Nysschen has been showing plans for several new models to the marque's dealer body - among them, a new convertible. The droptop which Cadillac reportedly showed its dealers in sketch form, would be based on the same platform as the ATS and CTS, those it's unclear to which (if either) of those model lines the new convertible would be added, or whether the design...

October 20, 2014

  • "Like a linebacker in an expensive suit, the Escalade has dynamite looks and slick moves, and while its price matches foreign competitors, its sophistication falls just short," reviewer Aaron D. Bragman said. Check out Bragman’s review for more. 2015...
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