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NuTonomy Can Now Test Self-Driving Car Technology Throughout Boston

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - NuTonomy's prototype cars with self-driving technology will soon become a more familiar sight to Bostonians. The startup now has permission to test its cars on public streets throughout the city.

Detroit Rejoices Over Ford's Deal For Abandoned Train Station While Shareholders Wait And Wonder

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Ford's expects renovation work on the Michigan Central Station to be complete in 2022, anchoring a new campus for autonomous and electric vehicle development. But shareholders are watching rivals GM and FiatChrysler move ahead with ambitious plans to launch self-driving robo taxi services soon.

2018 Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport Coupe Test Drive Review: Pushing the Limits of Jag's V-6 Sports Car

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Jaguar’s F-Type can’t yet match the Porsche 911 for its cornucopia of model choices, but JLR does seem to be trying. The latest proof of that: the F-Type 400 Sport, the beefiest Brit yet among the brand's V-6-powered versions.