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GM Says Electric Pickup Trucks Are Still Decades Away

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - General Motors has been one of the most ambitious high-volume car manufacturers when it comes to electrifying its lineup. It introduced the Chevy Volt years ago as the first mainstream plug-in hybrid to hit the market, and more recently a long-range EV that’s actually affordable in the Bolt.

Behold This Atrocious Ford GT40 Replica Built on an Innocent Pontiac Fiero

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - A Pontiac Fiero that was subjected to a botched conversion that resulted in a "Ford GT40" has surfaced for sale in Canada. We must warn you, the images below can be disturbing to some audiences.

365 Days Later: What Volvo’s Subscription Service Means for the Larger Industry

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Despite the push from an eager industry, car subscription services haven’t proven an overwhelming success. The general consensus is that premium services, while intriguing concepts, are too expensive and complicated to maintain at scale.

Chevrolet Performance Accessory Drive System for C2-C3 Corvettes

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - Regardless of what year Corvette you are driving today, if you are reading this there is a good chance you remember V-belts. Sure, the serpentine systems have been around a while, but many vintage Corvettes are still being put back together using old-fashioned V-belts.

GM’s Eyeing Your Tool Shed, Not Just Your Garage, for Revenue

Posted By GMbeat on Articles - If you’re a GM owner in one of three American cities, you’re already able to put your vehicle on the short-term rental market. Now, imagine if you could do the same for your lawnmower.